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The Maximum Stampede Stadium

The Maximum Stampede is a stadium made by Hasbro. It was released October 2010, and re-released with a new design. It was inspired by Benkei and Dark Bull


The Maximum Stampede used to be a recolor of The Pegasus Thunder Whip. However, now it has a new design with "craters" there are a total of three craters in the Stadium. The craters have a different effect for each type of bey: Attack types uses the craters similarly like the Japanese Tornado Stadium, only less effective. Defense types use the craters as shields, and Stamina types use them to spin peacefully in. Because of the craters, there is no logo. However, there are three beys around the craters that appear to be Dark Bull H145SD's. Although the craters are best suited for Attack types. The other doesn't.